Sunny Isles Beach For Sale

17749 Collins Ave # Ph47

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 7 / 1   |   Area: 9,145 SqFt


18501 Collins Ave # Ph01

Beds: 6   |   Baths: 9 / 1   |   Area: 19,160 SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 3

Beds: 6   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 10,515 SqFt


17475 Collins Ave # Ph-320

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 9,050 SqFt


17141 Collins Ave # Lph1

Beds: 5   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 6,106 SqFt


17749 Collins Ave # Ph45

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 8,470 SqFt


17141 Collins Av # Uph

Beds: 5   |   Baths: 6   |   Area: 6,106 SqFt


17475 Collins Ave # Sky Vi

Beds: 5   |   Baths: 7 / 1   |   Area: 8,423 SqFt


17749 Collins Ave # Ph43

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 8,470 SqFt


18555 Collins Ave # 4405

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: SqFt


18555 Ne Collins # 4005

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: SqFt


17749 Collins Ave # 3901/2

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 8,476 SqFt


18555 Collins Avenue # 4401

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: SqFt


18555 Collins # 4001

Beds: 5   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 42

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 5,515 SqFt


18555 Collins Ave # 3905

Beds: 3   |   Baths: 4 / 1   |   Area: 4,616 SqFt


18555 Collins Ave # 4305

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 4 / 1   |   Area: 4,616 SqFt


17749 Collins Ave # 602

Beds: 3   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 4,609 SqFt


16047 Collins Av # Ph3602

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 16

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 5,515 SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 6

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 5,515 SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 21

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 5,515 SqFt


17001 Collins Ave # 4304/5

Beds: 8   |   Baths: 12 / 1   |   Area: 8,282 SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 23

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 4,992 SqFt


17749 Collins Ave # 3001

Beds: 3   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 4,609 SqFt


18555 Collins # 2101

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 5,913 SqFt


17121 Collins Ave # 4608

Beds: 5   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 6,518 SqFt


18555 Collins Ave # 5005

Beds: 3   |   Baths: 4 / 1   |   Area: 4,750 SqFt


17749 Collins # 1402

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 6 / 1   |   Area: 4,609 SqFt


19575 Collins Ave # 10

Beds: 4   |   Baths: 5 / 1   |   Area: 5,515 SqFt


Sunny Isles Beach Condos For Sale

With the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Intracoastal Waterway on the west, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, is truly the ideal location for those who love waterfront living. Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale provide their owners with an ideal setting for a waterfront lifestyle or the perfect vacation home, depending on their needs, and within minutes of South Beach and Miami.

With all that Sunny Isles Beach has to offer its residents, you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t choose to make a move to this community sooner.

A Laid-Back Form of Luxury with Sunny Isles Beach Condos for Sale
Sunny Isles Beach is luxurious, but it is a laid back community at the same time. This is a place where shorts and sandals are the everyday attire, even for owners of luxury condos, and neighbors are often seen greeting one another. Free morning yoga on the beach ensures you start the day off right. Nightly trips to the beach are commonplace, and kids can be seen frolicking in the surf while their parents relax in the sand.
This particular city developed slowly, and it has kept some of their historic charm of the 1950s, even while it has grown into a luxury resort destination. While the 1950s chic has given way in most places to high-rise luxury resorts, the character of the community continues to give it the feel of a time when life was just a little slower. Here, relaxation is not a luxury, it is a way of life.
At the heart of the community sits the historic Newport Fishing Pier. Named a historic site in the 1980s, the pier has been carefully restored in recent years after Hurricane Wilma damaged it. While modernized, it retains the historic charm of its past incarnation, and remains the prefect place to drop a line into the water off the shores of this barrier island. Nothing is quite as relaxing as trying your hand at catching your own fresh seafood from a historic dock, and this captures life in Sunny Isles Beach perfectly.

Sunny Isles Beach Condos for Sale Embrace Waterfront Living
Of course, the focal point of life in Sunny Isles Beach is the beach itself. Two miles of white sand beaches stretch along the clear waters of the Atlantic, providing a base for snorkeling, diving and surfing. The temperature is beach-friendly year round, and the water here is always a comfortable temperature.
On the other side of the island, the Intracoastal waterway extends the water based activity. Even the community’s school, the Norman S. Edelcup/ Sunny Isles Beach K-8, has ocean or waterway views from almost every classroom! The community is truly a water-lover’s dream.
Along the shores of the beaches sit luxury condos and resorts that capitalize on the waterfront location. These properties offer amenities like private beach access, freshwater pools overlooking the ocean and condos in high-rise buildings that capitalize on the tremendous views. From one of the ocean side Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale, you can see the sun rise over the Atlantic every single day, turning the water and the white sand into glowing shades of red and orange.
The condos within these high rise communities are packed with luxuries. These spacious homes have tall ceilings, open floor plans, floor-to-ceiling windows to capitalize on the water views and the modern finishing touches you desire in a luxury home.

Embrace Vacation Every Day of the Year with Award-Winning Entertainment in Sunny Isles Beach
If you purchase one of the Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale, everyday life will take on the form of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Your condo on Sunny Isles Beach will be surrounded by some of the Miami area’s top entertainment options and outdoor recreational opportunities.
Sunny Isles Beach has been ranked as the top vacation destination in America by TravelCast, a division of Trip Advisor. It is the ultimate South Florida experience, and the pristine beaches are flanked by entertainment options and a vibrant nightlife that make life here always interesting and exciting. Each of the award-winning resorts on Sunny Isles Beach features its own first-class dining experience, and many of these take the dining onto the veranda and even onto the beach! From seafood to French-inspired cuisine, you will find something to fit your palate among the dining options on Sunny Isles Beach. Whether you enjoy Italian faire at AQ by Aqualina or the Mediterranean tastes of Gili’s Beach Club at Trump, you will find something you love.
Those who live in Sunny Isles beach are within walking distance of two pristine Florida parks. Haulover Beach Park, which boasts a one-mile stretch of beach, is also home to a full-service marina and tennis courts. This is the park that attracts those who love the ocean. The city is also home to Oleta River State Park, the largest urban park in Florida and the ideal place to explore the natural side of the Intracoastal Waterway. With both of these in the community, outdoor recreational opportunities abound.
When the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop here. Sunny Isles Beach is known for a vibrant, yet laid-back, night life. Take your friends to Beach Bar for drinks and music as you party the night away, then return to your condo to sleep with the fresh ocean breeze wafting in your window.

An Ideal Location: Secluded, Yet Close to the City
As if all of the ocean-based activities were not enough to make life on Sunny Isles Beach appealing, this city enjoys one of the best locations in the region. Because it is a barrier island, it is somewhat secluded from the more frenzied lifestyle of the city, yet it’s just a short drive across a bridge to get to Miami, South Beach and all that these larger cities have to offer in the way of entertainment, employment and education.
This means that Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale give you a place you can trust to provide a respite from the busy lifestyle of Miami. When you want to relax, your local beach is ready to welcome you home. Yet, when you want to head into town to do some shopping, head to work, take a college course or simply explore the city, it’s waiting to welcome you.
That is the beauty of life in Sunny Isles Beach. Are you ready to discover it for yourself? Browse available Sunny Isles Beach condos for sale today to find your next beach side home.

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