The Grille at Williams Island started renovations in 2015

The Cafe at Williams Island started renovations in 2015

The renovations are expected to last less than a year at a cost of approximately $5.5 million. The residents of Williams Island will not be special assessed. During the Cafe renovations, residents will be able have a wonderful dining experience at the Island Club Prime restaurant near the Island Pool. The Café will close for dining on August 7th, 2015 and reopen at the Island Club Prime for dinner on Monday August 10th 2015. Lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Friday commencing August 11th. We will have golf cart transportation over the bridge and wheel-chair service up the serpentine for physically challenged persons.

See This Amazing Video Of The Williams Island Cafe Rendering

The Cafe is being renovated in the same style as our state of the art spa

The Williams Island Spa was completely renovated in 2014 and is well received by everyone. The Cafe renovation will bring the cafe up to the high standard of the the spa and many of the other amenities on the island. The cafe renovation is just one of the projects designed to enhance the wonderful lifestyle on Williams Island. The children’s playground is also under renovation at this time.

  The key changes are as follows:

  • We will have an open kitchen which not only creates a dramatic and exciting aesthetic but eliminates some of the bottlenecks in and out of the kitchen area thus improving efficiencies. Thoughtful design has created barriers between the service area and clientele that will reduce noise, food odor and the like to negligible levels.
  • The interior of the kitchen and equipment has changed from that which facilitates service in an environment where there is a steady flow of patrons (not our environment) to one that experiences a crush of business at certain specific times.
  • The Bar has been relocated resulting in open experience and the creation of storage areas that heretofore have been lacking. Equally important, but more subtle, the service of teas and other drinks can be moved from the kitchen, where they were slow and interfered with food preparation, to the Bar, where they will no longer disrupt efficient food service.
  • The terrace has been expanded on the South side of the Café.
  • Omelet and buffet stations will now be an integral part of the operation rather than an afterthought.
  • Take out will be more efficient and delivery service will become feasible.
  • Increased refrigerated storage will create economic and service efficiencies.

The informal environment will facilitate comfortable, uncomplicated and easy food offerings.

 Check Out The Photo Renderings Below. Are You As Excited As I Am?!

Williams-Island-Cafe-Rendering Williams-Island-Cafe-Rendering-Outside-Rear Williams-Island-Cafe-Rendering-Outside-Interior Williams-Island-Cafe-Rendering-Exterior-Front Williams-Island-Cafe-Rendering-Counter Williams-Island-Cafe-Rendering-Bar

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