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Golden Beach May 30, 2024
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Golden Beach Homes For Sale Needs To Be At The Top Of Your List

When you picture South Florida real estate, what comes to mind? Is it a sprawling estate home, or a high-rise condo overlooking the beach? Most communities boast the latter, but not Golden Beach. If you are looking for a spacious estate on the water, and prefer the privacy of a single-family residence, then Golden Beach homes for sale needs to be at the top of your list. Golden Beach, Florida, may only span 1.8 square miles, but for those who own one of the 364 homes here, it is a true haven among the communities in South Florida. Incorporated in 1929, Golden Beach is a small and quiet community known for its luxurious homes and family-friendly lifestyle. Finding Golden Beach real estate for sale is not easy, as people who purchase homes here tend to stick around for a while, and it’s no wonder with all that the small community has to offer.

Golden Beach Offers a Rich History

Golden Beach is not a new player in the luxury real estate scene in South Florida. It was incorporated over 85 years ago in 1929, and since that time has continued to provide the luxury lifestyle the most exclusive buyers crave. Unlike many of the oceanfront communities nearby, Golden Beach does not have any high-rise condo communities. Instead, for nearly a century it has offered the luxury of single-family homes on and near the water. This has made it one of South Florida’s most desirable places to live. Golden Beach has seen growth in recent years like much of South Florida, but it has been able to maintain the small-town feel and exclusivity that it has been known for in spite of this growth.

Because Golden Beach is made up of single-family homes, the population of the community is naturally smaller than other similar waterfront communities nearby. The year-round population hovers right around 1,000, so this is a place where you can get to know your neighbors and enjoy life with roots that run deep. Even if you only choose to enjoy Golden Beach for part of the year, you will have friendly faces that you recognize to welcome you when you return to your South Florida home.

Golden Beach Homes for Sale Offers Exclusivity, Privacy and Convenience

Golden Beach is unique among small towns in that it does not isolate its residents. Golden Beach real estate for sale offers a measure of exclusivity and privacy, as the community is bordered on almost every side by the water, but it is also located within a short drive of both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, which means the amenities and conveniences of the city are not far away. Here, you can enjoy a quiet suburban life on the beach, then head into the city when you need to spend an afternoon at the mall or wish to attend the theater. This combination of convenience and privacy has made Golden Beach highly desirable among those shopping for luxury homes in South Florida.

Golden Beach is bounded by Sunny Isles Beach to the south, Hallandale Beach to the north, the Intracoastal Waterway to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. While it is not an island, it offers plenty of waterfront locations for those who choose to purchase one of the many homes within its boarders, and large estate homes can be seen dotting nearly every inch of waterfront land in the area. Signage reminds visitors that the beaches on Golden Beach are restricted for the use of residents only, and this helps keep the quiet and private atmosphere for which the community is known.

Golden Beach appeals to a diverse set of affluent people, and many celebrities and wealthy business people have found homes in Golden Beach. The properties available for sale here are almost as diverse as the population itself. You will find a number of multi-million dollar estates on the beach, and these property owners extend their reach into the beach itself. Along the Intracoastal side of the community, beach access is not as readily available, but the homes are no less affluent and luxurious. Head inland, and you will find smaller, yet still luxurious, properties with more affordable price tags. Most of these properties have their own private pools, so you will not lack for the amenities found within a luxury condo community. Within Golden Beach, you will find quite a bit of variety in the homes themselves, but you will not find any high-rises or condos.

Golden Beach Is a City of Luxury

As a community made up of single-family homes instead of condominium high rises, Golden Beach tends to draw a large number of families, and it offers amenities that make it even more appealing to families. In spite of its small size, Golden Beach boasts nine distinct parks, where playgrounds and green space invite residents to spend some time outdoors. It also has private beach access to ensure its residents can enjoy the beach without the large numbers of tourists common in other areas. Golden Beach also has its own tennis facility, available exclusively for residents, which can be reserved for private play.

Because Golden Beach does not have hotels and high rises, these parks and beaches are available exclusively for residents. While you will find the occasional home used as a rental property, the public areas of Golden Beach are free from the large tourist crowds of other areas, adding to the exclusivity and the appeal of the community.

Choose the Right Real Estate Team for Golden Beach Homes for Sale

Golden Beach homes and the community itself offer you something unique. Few other waterfront communities in South Florida can boast single-family homes the size and scale of this upscale community. If exclusivity, convenience and privacy are important to you, then Golden Beach real estate for sale makes sense. To position yourself in the best possible spot to purchase one of these homes when they hit the market, you will need a luxury South Florida team of real estate agents. Haute Team has been serving luxury buyers in South Florida since 2001, and we bring a level of expertise to the process that you will appreciate. Contact us today to learn more about your options as you search for a home in the appealing Golden Beach community.